Crossfit Amber Valley

Queen Street, Belper, DE56 1NR
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What we Offer




Grouped workouts for 1 hour.
Everyone completing the same functional movements, scaled appropriately for their fitness level.
Accessible for all, once completed their initial induction. The WOD consists of weightlifting, gymnastics and conditioning.

Open Gym is available daily and is always coached by a qualified instructor. This time can be spent working on technique, skills or by doing the WOD

Amber Valley Kids, Saturdays aged 4+ (members kids only)

AV Kids Lifting Class aged 10+ (members kids only)

Barbell Club Weds 6-7pm

Body Comps measured and Macros calculated

Gymnastics classes (Monthly, Saturdays) 

Yoga (coming soon)

Mobility and Movement Class Sundays only

Competition WOD Sundays only

This service is run by a Chartered Physiotherapist. He will diagnose, treat, help clarify movement system impairments and much more.

There is also sports therapy and massage available.

To book an appointment please email us at

This is a member only service.

Crossfit is for everyone

No matter what your ability or fitness levels, whether you want to get fit or use it for conditioning alongside your sport. All the exercises are scaleable, so everyone can perform them. The functional movement workouts are based on group personal training sessions. The coaches will teach, adapt and scale all exercises, motivate, encourage, and give you the confidence to learn, progress and achieve your goals.